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The on typical home cooking based cuisine of Mrs. Teresa is enriched with new proposals, exclusive fish and meat dishes and especially with the itself hand-drawn pasta, in light of the best tradition of Romagna. Dishes that evoke memories and feelings and express the authentic essences of the area.

Pies, cakes, homemade biscuits already from breakfast; Seasonal vegetables from the own garden and olive oil of own productio, all to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Our goal is to discover again flavors and fragrances of the past.

In Hotel Aurora, you have the option, next to the recommended daily menu prepared by Mamma Maria Teresa, to choose different specialties of the menu compiled by Davide. The mainly on fish based cuisine is enriched with typical local dishes and zero Km seasonal ingredients.

Our philosophy: Food is the “fuel” of movement, of respiration, of game … the energy that supports life.
For this reason and for a better quality of life, we decided to grow and use, for us and for you, only natural products, without the addition of chemicals, because we live in the belief that this is for the benefit of all consumers and the environment.